Captain America Language

captain america language

You may have been curious about the running joke about Captain America saying LANGUAGE. OR what Movie does Captain America say Language. The funny scene is from the movie The Avengers 2 / Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). During the movie, Robert Dawney Jr. or Tony Stark used to swear S Word, which caused Chris …

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Khajiit Language

happy khajiit in forest

We all know Khajiit is well known for its agility, appearance, and combat skills. Still, its language also makes them interesting to study. FYI for some of you who may be a little confused or wonder if Khajiit is real? Sadly nope, they are part of the Elder Scrolls Game Series and one of the …

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What Is Exculpatory Language

not guilty

The exculpatory word comes from the Latin word exculpate, which means “feed from blame.” Let’s break this brother down. ex means “remove,” and culpa means “guilt/blame.” Combining it becomes exculpa “remove guilt” or “remove blame.” Exculpatory language is a language that frees a person/or entity of guilt. It is that simple. Let’s take a practical exculpatory …

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