He’s Speaking The Language Of The Gods

“he is speaking the language of the gods” It reminds me of me in the calculus class 🙂 I digress…

It is an epic meme and often is used worldwide and on youtube as non-nonsensical phrases taken from a Dragon Ball Super episode 41 about the character Super Shenron. 

And Goku exclaims Kami no Gengo (神の言語) “he is speaking the language of the gods.”

Sorry, I could not find the original.

p.s. Headphone users, keep your volume to a minimum 🙂 it is a very loud ah ah aa aa aa aa aa aa. If you saw this comment late, RIP your eardrum.

Super Shenron and Whis can speak the language of the gods and what is interesting is for somebody who can talk about this language, they can transmit their thoughts to another.

Very Cool!

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