Khajiit Language

We all know Khajiit is well known for its agility, appearance, and combat skills. Still, its language also makes them interesting to study.

FYI for some of you who may be a little confused or wonder if Khajiit is real?

Sadly nope, they are part of the Elder Scrolls Game Series and one of the ten fictional races.

Still, they are such an interesting character to study how they use language. For example, they talk about themselves in the third person.

Pretty cool, right?

If you have been wondering, how do you pronounce Khajiit?
It is pronounced “Ka-Jeet.” 

Khajiit is a very likable race, particularly if you like cats.

Whist Khajitt’s physiology and appearance can have substantial differences from breed to breed.

The four main types are small Biped, small Quadruped, large Biped, and large Quadruped. Some look like two-legged jaguars, and others look like a house cat.

Depending on where the Lunar Lattice of Secunda and Masseer are positioned when they are born, Ta’agra is the language spoken by all Khajiit.

It is adorable when they talk in English as a third language.

Some of Khajiit’s famous quotes are:

”Welcome To you.”
“The Roads of Skyrim Leads To Many Dangers”
“A Peaceful Greeting To You”
The Warm Sand Of Elsweyr Is Far Away From Here”
“We Are Creatures of The Desert”
“Blessings of The Moons Upon You, Traveller”
and last but not least:
“Fortune Smiles Upon This meeting” (for some reason, this sentence always makes me smile)

Khajiit speaks in a humble, formal tone, making them more likable despite being a cunning salesman and trout thieves.

It is still worth being Khajiit if you have a coin, of course 🙂
The Language of The Khajiit:

Here are some more intriguing facts about Khajiit:

1) The Khajiit and Argonian are the races that cannot breed with humans.

One thing common between Khajiit and Boswer is they can’t marry their race. For example, Khajiit cannot marry Khajiit, and Boswer cannot marry Boswer.

2) Khajiit are from the southern province of Elsweyr and can live around 250 years.

3) Similar to Argonian, Khajiit also cannot breed with humans.

4) Khajiit’s are skilled thieves and work with Thalmor to carry out assassins.

5) Khajiit not only fights like cats. Rather than using a weapon, they like to combat with their hands. When Khajiit’s facial expression turns aggressive like in real-world cats, they fear Khajiit perk their ears.

6) Maybe it is a neighbor thing as Khajiit and Argonians are separated only by parts of cyrodiil and sea; they don’t get along.

7) Nords are not their fans either and are addressed as “cats” (Nords are not friendly; we know it!)

8) Khajiit’s night eye ability can examine dark areas, underwater, caves, and while on horseback.

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