What Language Did The Ancient Romans Speak

It is interesting sometimes to wonder what language the Romans speak in ancient Rome or during the roman empire, isn’t it?

As Rome is made out of immigrants and slaves, there were various dialects and languages spoken during the Roman empire:

Greek, Etruscan, and Oscan; however, early Romans used to primarily speak Vulgar Latin throughout the roman empire (Classical Latin for writing).

The Greek language has close to Roman Society because the Romans loved Greek culture. Greek also helped enable the spread of Christianity.

Latin and Greek languages became the official language of the Roman Empire.

During the 5th century, Church and government officials were actively using both languages.

Particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia after the conquest of Alexandar the Great, Koine Greek become a more common language.

It is interesting to think that even though the classic Latin fell out of use through Latin majority of romance languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian came about.

Up until the mid 6th century, Latin was the official language of the Roman army.

Until the 17th century, Latin was an essential language to international diplomacy and intellectual developments.

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